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The Sejumi team brings a new style of learning to Cairns to reflect the rapidly changing world we live in. Classrooms are not the traditional format at Sejumi. The Sejumi Learning Studio offers a project-based learning environment, where students implement what they learn into a variety of projects throughout their program. Vocational qualifications and traditional subjects are blended. This enables students to receive nationally recognised qualifications, as well as statements showing equivalency to traditional  subjects such as Year 12 maths.

Students can be seen studying individually, collaborating with other students, relaxing on lounges, sitting on bean bags or working together at a table. 

Our teaching team comprises facilitators who are passionate about education and have a wealth of experience in various fields of business. The facilitators act as coaches, consultants and mentors to the students.

The environment is designed to encourage students to become self-directed, and to take responsibility for their own learning.

Students do wear a uniform; however, it reflects the modern day workplace and a variety of options are available.

Excursions are an important part of the curriculum, and the majority of excursions are included in the fees. Each year students are invited to participate in an optional annual camp. In 2019, we will be exploring the red centre of Australia and camping under the stars in the Northern Territory.

All graduates are invited to attend the end of year graduation, where they dress in formal robes and wear mortar boards, as we celebrate their achievement with other students and family members.

This is an exciting alternative to traditional schooling and it is now available in Cairns, Far North Queensland. Are you ready for something new?

I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide conditions in which they can learn

- Albert Einstein






Montessori schools have described the benefits of mixed age classrooms for years. To reflect life in the real world, the Sejumi Learning Studio classes have students ranging from fifteen to nineteen years of age in the same class.


Students have various abilities and skills and are able to work at their own pace. Those who need more assistance work with facilitators, while others may continue with their own work at their own speed. Additionally, peer learning is encouraged, and students can be seen sharing skills and knowledge with each other.




You cannot imagine how well a young child learns from an older child, how patient the older child is with the difficulties of the younger

- Maria Montessori





Students attending the Sejumi Learning Studio attend classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Classes commence at 9.30am to allow students who need to drop siblings at school the time to do so. The Monday to Wednesday classes allows students to be employed, while continuing with their education.

A monthly calendar is provided to each student; this highlights compulsory workshops for various topics including finance, marketing, communication and other skills where group work is important in terms of developing practical skills. Evening classes are also scheduled where required, as well as weekend workshops, where students from the Sejumi Learning Studio may be invited to join students enrolled in the Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership program for workshops or seminars.

A learning contract is discussed and signed, and time-frames are established to ensure that students have deadlines, once again reflecting the work environment. The expectations are high and benchmarks are set early in the program. Students are encouraged to be self directed. This prepares them for employment, or for university should they choose to continue to higher education.


You cannot teach a person anything; you can only help him find it within himself.                


The Sejumi Learning Studio Pathway

Certificate III in Tourism


Students develop their communication skills, learn about Australia, examine their career options, learn time management, and increase their ability to use technology. The Certificate III level qualification is recognised as equivalent to Year 12 English and can be used as a pathway to many university programs. In addition, students also take equivalent Year 12 maths classes and are awarded a statement showing the topics they worked on, as well as a grade. The certificate III level is the foundation level at the Sejumi Learning Studio. Graduates can decide to continue to Certificate IV or Diploma level with Sejumi Institute, or apply for university.

Queensland residents may be eligible for the Queensland Government's Certificate 3 Guarantee subsidy, which off-sets a significant portion of the fees. We suggest prospective students contact us to discuss fees and subsidies. Payment plans are available.



Certificate IV in Travel & Tourism


At the Certificate IV level, students further develop their communication skills, learn about leadership and finance, as well as conflict management. This is a supervisory level qualification and students can also use this qualification to gain entry to university, in some instances with credit of up to six months towards a university undergraduate degree.

Queensland residents may be eligible for the Queensland Government's Higher Level Skills subsidy. Students who are eligible for this subsidy will receive a significant reduction in their fees. Please contact us for more information on fees, subsidies, and concession rates. Payment plans are available.

Diploma level

A selection of diplomas are available to students including:

purple_check_mark_buttonDiploma of Event Management (SIT50316)

purple_check_mark_button Diploma of Hospitality Management (SIT50416)

purple_check_mark_buttonDiploma of Travel and Tourism Management (SIT50116)


Queensland residents may be eligible for the Queensland Government's Higher Level Skills subsidy. Students who are eligible for this subsidy will receive a significant reduction in their fees. Please contact us for more information on fees, subsidies, and concession rates. Payment plans are available.

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