Time for a change? Then be prepared.

January is a time for change

January is a time for change – a time of making new year resolutions.

Did you know that by mid January most of us have already broken our new year resolutions?

Have you ever decided to gain a qualification, so that you can apply for a new job or gain a promotion, but made so many excuses such as “I’m no good at studying”; “I can’t find the time”; “I probably will fail”? Well, in 2017, change the way you view studying – gain skills to enable you to successfully complete a course and gain a qualification.

Many people start a course that requires the ability to write effectively, research and reference and even to give presentations. What is the problem with this? Well, if you don’t have those skills then you could find yourself struggling to keep up with the study load, because not only are you learning the content of the subjects, or units, that you are taking, you are also trying to learn how to source information; embed your research into an essay or report; produce a PowerPoint or Word document, and the pressure mounts. Unfortunately, this pressure build-up often results in people dropping out of a program.

Before embarking on a program of study, think about it for a moment. You didn’t buy a bicycle and head off on a 50km bike ride; you probably didn’t cook a six course meal the first time you cooked. In some instances you might have, but how much easier would it be if you took the time to plan and prepare first? It’s the same with studying – take the time to gain skills and knowledge and surprisingly the experience will be so much better, even might I say enjoyable.

Our first tip for 2017 is when making this change, or any change, remember to plan and prepare and take some of the stress out of your life and you’ll be one step closer to achieving your dreams.



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