Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) (BSB80615)


As a senior manager or leader the ability to make high level strategic decisions is essential. The graduate diploma program develops the skills and knowledge required of someone at this level. Students at this level examine case studies; research and analyse related articles and integrate theories into practice in the own workplace.


At Sejumi Education we recognise that for many people, who have not been involved in a formal learning environment for a while, it can be quite daunting to return. However, we embed the following workshops into our program:

✳️Word and Excel
✳️Research and referencing
✳️Academic writing

Additionally, all students are provided with access to to the Sejumi Green Toolbox, in which they can access short videos and other resources to assist you during your program.


This program is ideal for: general manager - human resources; general manager - training organisation; learning and development consultant; manager-learning and development; and other senior related roles.


Delivery mode: This program is delivered on-line with optional workshops.

In order to be awarded this qualification students must complete the following eight units including:

✳️BSBLDR801       Lead personal and strategic transformation
✳️BSBLED802       Lead learning strategy implementation
✳️BSBINN801        Lead innovative thinking and practice
✳️BSBRES801       Initiate and lead applied research
✳️BSBINN601        Lead and manage organisational change
✳️BSBLDR804       Influence and shape diversity management
✳️BSBLED805       Plan and implement a mentoring program
✳️BSBLDR806       Lead and influence ethical practice


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