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Welcome to our April 2018 newsletter

April 2018

Sejumi Institute introduces the Leadership Bootcamp for teenagers, Sejumi Learning Studio and a new semester for the Graduate Programs and more…

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“Mid-year diploma program”

If you want to learn about tourism and hospitality there is no better place to study than in Cairns, Tropical North Queensland. This sensational location, where the beautiful rainforest meets the spectacular Great Barrier Reef, provides a sensational learning environment. Sejumi students explore the tropical food trail, learn bush tucker and local Indigenous culture. Therefore, giving students exposure to all the region has to offer, as we take the classroom outdoors. Students also have the option to travel to the Northern Territory, where they will contrast the reef and rainforest with the beauty of the Australian outback, as we camp under the canopy of stars.

          We offer mid-year entry into the Diploma of Hospitality Management, Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management and Diploma of Event Management programs. It is great to see Learning Studio students and Certificate III level graduates entering the next stage of their education and joining this program. Applicants who do not hold a Sejumi Institute of Further Education Certificate II or III are welcome to apply.

University pathways

Many universities award credit, of up to one year, towards a degree for students who hold a nationally recognised diploma qualification. Subsequently, the diploma pathway can be a great financial benefit. Not only do students gain more skills and knowledge; it also provides a credible academic pathway for students, enabling them to continue  their education at university.

          Applications are now being accepted for this program. Additionally, past students are encouraged to contact us directly to apply, and they receive credit for prior study and a discount on fees. Queensland residents may be eligible for a Queensland Government Higher Level Skills subsidy, which significantly reduces tuition fees.


Be prepared for higher education

Sarah Pilcher and Kate Torii, of the Mitchell Institute, recently published an article highlighting the fact that “only one in four” undergraduate places were offered as a result of ATAR scores in 2016. This is something students need to be aware of, because not everyone needs or wants to undertake traditional high school pathways, but they still may want to go to university. Over the years we have seen many of our students make a successful transition from vocational education to higher education, without an OP. However, it pays to be prepared for higher education study.

 Pilcher and Torii’s article can be accessed here.

Be prepared learn essential skills

The Sejumi certificate III level and diploma level students complete units designed to develop strong computer skills at the start of their program, because this sets them up for success. Students with the ability to use their computers effectively, research and reference efficiently, and manage their time, prior to commencing higher education have an advantage. Rather than trying to concentrate on all the new information being given at lectures and tutorials, while trying to figure out how to present this information within time-frames, the focus is on the subject content. Students need to know how to use the tools available to them on their laptops. For example, the following are considered essential skills:Workshop Resume

  • Insert footers and headers
  • Insert auto tables of contents
  • Insert tables
  • Create auto lists of figures
  • Use SmartArt
  • Embed videos into PowerPoint, rather than showing a URL.
  • Use a library to gather information from academic journals

Researching, presenting research, and academic writing are not optional extras. They are an essential part of academic study. At Sejumi Institute, students start researching and presenting information at certificate II level. Students at Sejumi Institute at certificate III level, and diploma level, are taught and practice these skills continually, because it helps them to form good habits that subsequently make life so much easier. Students considering university should take the time to learn the basic skills listed above, prior to starting their degree.


Graduate students and the “Great Debate”

Graduate students set the benchmark high at the beginning of the year for “The Great Debate”. Firstly, all team members researched and planned their argument and tactics. On the day, students wore team t-shirts, produced posters, and demonstrated their knowledge of ethics in this very tight competition. The result was noteworthy, to see such hard work and dedication from all team members was fantastic – who won? Well that’s for them to know.

Semester 2

Semester 2 commences May 2018. On-line graduate programs are available to senior managers who would like to gain additional skills and knowledge and a nationally recognised graduate level qualification. We also provide pathways from the Graduate Diploma qualifications to MBA programs at university. 

Intensives start in Cairns

Face-to-face intensive units start in Cairns this year. Students undertake a variety of activities throughout the week.  Further, they will work on group projects and examine case studies, as well as develop and present individual projects.

For those living outside the Cairns region, we regularly telephone students to provide assistance and see how students are going, as they combine family, work and study. We also hold workshops in other locations.

Experience education skills

Facilitators in the graduate program hold a minimum of a Masters degree, as well as a higher education teaching qualification. Therefore, in addition to having decades of experience in their respective fields, they can introduce both theory and practical concepts to enhance the students’ learning experience.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Graduate Diploma of Management (Learning) BSB80615 or Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership BSB80215. Contact us to discuss this program.

The Sejumi Learning Studio

If you left school after completing Year 10, 11 or 12, and want to continue your education, consider the Sejumi Learning Studio. The studio offers students a second chance to gain a pathway to further studies. This includes pathways to university, additional QCE points, and the opportunity to develop skills to make you more employable.

          Workshop style sessions are held Monday to Wednesday in Cairns, providing students with plenty of time to work, while studying towards a nationally recognised qualification and gaining an extra seven QCE points.

We accept applicants aged between fifteen to nineteen for this program Read more.

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New program starts July 2018

Leadership Bootcamp

Leadership Bootcamp is a new program designed for teenagers to develop leadership skills and knowledge. Applicants must be aged between fifteen and nineteen years of age at the time of application.

          Participants in this program may be enrolled at high school, home-schooled, or have left school. Participants attend one weekend workshop a month, where they work on developing their communication and leadership skills. The program is interactive and requires students to participate in a number of activities, both physical and mental. Between workshops students complete on-line activities and assessments.

Are you ready for a challenge? join us at Leadership Bootcamp!!!

“Get Sejumarised” – like all boot camps we expect students to dress for the part and in our program students wear camouflage. Of course, our camouflage is Sejumi purple, grey and black. It’s a unique experience and a great way to learn.

          Graduates of the ‘Leadership Bootcamp’ are awarded a nationally recognised qualification – the Certificate IV in Leadership and Management (BSB42015). This is a viable pathway to higher education. It also equates to seven QCE points.

           Students enrolled at Sejumi Institute in the Diploma of Hospitality Management or Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management can choose to embed this program into their course and receive a reduced rate. Don’t miss out on – apply now.

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